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Elan’s Fair Trade Coffee

Elan Organic Coffee has been planet and people conscious since our first day in business. We have implemented social programs that help improve living conditions in coffee-producing regions. Proceeds from each pound help fund programs, rural improvements, modern roads, health and education. We make a difference through fair-trade practices and long range business relationships.

Fair Trade Coffee helps small grower communities improve in many ways. It pays our farmers a decent living wage for their harvest even when they market is low as it has been for the past year. It creates direct trade to small coffee growers and their cooperatives. It provides access to affordable credit, helping farmers stay out of debt to local coyotes, and it promotes sustainable practices, such as organic farming, that protects our environment. Because all these practices Elan Organic Coffees was one of the first coffee develpers / importers to sign up for the TransFair USA license and we have been a strong promoter since then.

Look for fair Trade the label it is a proof that your coffee was grown consciously!!