Elan has help many small and impoverish farmers to organized and succeed developing their cooperative and organic coffee programs. Many of these now successful coops are still working directly with Elan and many others are now exporting to Europe.

June 1989-Present PERU
· Developed the first northern Peruvian organic coffee project together with the NorOriente Cooperative (coop).
· Developed projects in:

Villa Rica
Still developing

1990-1992 GUATEMALA
· Developed projects in Guatemala jointly with US organic roasters in:

Coban (Estate)
Huehuetenango (Coop)
Lake Atitlan (Coop)

· Developed the first certified organic coffee project (Coop) in Colombia, Purace Region with assistance from the United Nations, Germany and a U.S. Roaster.

· Developed the first certified organic coffee project in El Salvador with the US Agency for International Development (US A.I.D.), Café Pipil.

· Consulted and advised organic coffee projects in:

Chiapas, Mexico
Burundi, Africa
East Timor, Indonesia

All this development and consulting was assisted by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA), agronomists, inspectors, university interns, agents and a dedicated staff of individuals who believe that we can make a difference and make a living through the coffee industry, the second largest commodity after oil and the second most consumed beverage after water. In 1989, two roasters were certified to roast according to organic standards. Today over 400 roasters are choosing to include one or more organically grown certified coffee to their coffee offerings.

The US is a consumer culture always asking for what is not a fad. It is a trend that has grown from a million market to 5 billion in 10 years. This is not fancy marketing. This is an educated population that knows we can not eat chemicals.

Elan did the development. Elan did the marketing. It was necessary to make the business go and grow. Elan hired the technical training, filled out paperwork in many dialects, translated it to Spanish and English. We worked as long as a year and a half before certifications was granted. Elan introduced certified organic coffee to US roasters and brokers only to spend the first five years answering the question “What is organic coffee?” . Tremendous resistance existed against countries with human rights issues. A case had to be made to educate the buyers that…